DO’s Don’ts
Do tailor your resume specifically to the job that you are applying to. The better it matches the specific requirements of the job, the greater chance you have of being selected for an interview. Don’t use a generic resume for every application as it is unlikely it will be specifically targeted to the job you are applying to.
Only include information that is relevant to your application. Ensure that the most important skills and experiences are at the start of each relevant section. Do not hide what the recruiter wants to see below masses of information that is not relevant to your application.
Show what you have achieved within your roles so that the recruiter knows what you are capable of doing. Don’t just list your job responsibilities; these will be obvious from your job title.
Quantify your achievements using firm numbers that the recruiter will understand and be impressed by. “Increased section efficiency by 30% saving $30k monthly.” Don’t make general statements that tell the recruiter nothing. “Responsible for improving efficiencies and making cost savings”
Use a format that is clean and easy to read: use at least 1” margins evenly, use an easy to read 12pt font, put clear space before each main section to draw the eye. Do not use flowery scripts that are hard to read, do not use borders or other decorations.
Do proofread your resume very carefully to ensure that no errors are within it. Never submit a resume that contains any form of writing mistakes.